Northeastern Society of Agricultural Research Managers


        The Northeastern Society of Agricultural Research Managers (NeSARM) started on March 27, 1975 when six field research station managers met informally for half a day meeting in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The primary goal was to determine if an improvement in individual operations could be gained by communicating common management problems.  Based on the results of that first meeting, the participants concurred that this type of information exchange would be greatly beneficial to each manager, and a decision was made to contact as many station supervisors as possible and to conduct a second session.

        The meetings have continued on an annual basis with significant improvement in scope of topics, depth of discussion, representation of disciplines, and most important, the number of participants.  From the original six blossomed a society with a current membership of eighty-one.

        At the 1978 meeting, an official society was designated and named "The name Northeastern Society of Agricultural Research Managers" (NeSARM).  Membership eligibility is open to any individual with management responsibility in any field of agricultural research, whether it be plant science, plant breeding, animal science, greenhouse, field trials, or other related areas; and regardless of affiliation whether federal, state, private or independent.

        The primary objectives of the Society were designated as the following:

        1.         To discuss problems and solutions concerning the physical operation of a research facility.

        2.         To keep the membership informed as to current state and federal legislation concerning pesticides

                    regulations, safety standards, labor and wage standards, etc.

        3.         To discuss trends in agricultural technology from both a commercial and research standpoint.

        4.         To widen the extent of contact with other personnel in the areas of agricultural research.

        These past twenty-five years have produced a dramatic change in an organization founded on basic fundamentals and positive relations.   We have survived budget cuts, downsizing, reorganizations, mergers, retirements and more.  I am sure that I can speak for the majority of the membership in expressing my pride and pleasure in taking part in developing such a society, making so many new friends, and in looking forward to the annual highlight of my year.  NeSARM has none other than a positive direction to continue in.


Larry C. Thetford

Executive Secretary/Treasurer


Founding Fathers of NeSARM

Lynn Hoffman---------------------Pennsylvania State University

Bill Verano-------------------------------University of Maryland

Larry Therford--------------------------Ciba-Geigy Corporation

Bruce McCord-------------------------Ciba-Geigy Corporation

Ed Jones----------------------------------Delaware State College

Ed Visinski------------------------------------Rutgers University

George Meyers---------------------------------------Agway Co.



Past Presidents

1978----------------------------Bill Verano

1979------------------------Lacy Armitage

1980---------------------------John Yocum

1981------------------------------Vic Miller

1982-------------------------Dave Hammes

1983-------------------------Steve Bunker

1984----------------------------Dan Winch

1985-------------------------Miguel Garces

1986-------------------------------Joe Lloyd

1987---------------------------John Saxton

1988---------------------------Lewis Smith

1989-----------------------Paul Rebarchak

1990-----------------------------Jeff Moyer

1991------------------------Tommy Custis

1992---------------------------Linda James

1993--------------------------Larry Jordan

1994-------------------------Don Maynard

1995------------------------Glen Cauffman

1996-------------------------Larry Thetford

1997--------------------------Gary Tennant

1998-----------------Bennett Orlowski, Jr.

1999-----------------------Wanda Emerich

2000-------------------------Bob Oberheim

2001--------------------------Tim Mulligan

2002-----------------------------Steve Olsen

2003---------------------------Victor Green

2004------------------------Kevin Conover

2005-------------------------Steven McKay

2006-------------------------Brian Macafee

2007------------------------Harlan Nafziger

2008--------------------------Eric Harrington

2009------------------------------Dave Starner

2010-----------------Martin van der Grinten

2011----------------------------Keith Hummel

2012---------------------------Scott Harkcom

2013---------------------------Michael Dwyer

2014------------------------------ Terry Salada

2015-------------------------------- Brian Hearn

2016-----------------------------Shawn Bossard

2017-------------------------------Ross Duffield

2018-------------------------------Ross Duffield

2019---------------------------------Ward Harris

2020--------------------------------Brian Macafee


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