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Name of Station: Rutgers University/Cook College -

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Name of Member: Michael J. Fennell    Member Since: New

Address: Cook College - Animal Care Program

College Farm Road - Trailer

New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Business Phone #: (732)932-7412 FAX #: (732)932-1554

Home Phone #: (732)928-2073 E-Mail Address: Fennell@AESOP.Rutgers.Edu

Station Census: Number of Staff: 16

Number of Acres Involved in Research: Total Number of Acres: 200

Livestock: Dairy - 70, Swine - 60, Sheep - 75, Goats - 50, Deer - 12, Horses - 50

Traditional Lab Animals - 1,000


Broad Scope for Animals - Nutrition, Growth Physiology, Stress

Physiology, Endocrinology, etc.

Pertinent Information:

Experienced with getting accreditation by the American Association

for the Assessment of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC)

which includes production farm animals.

Currently in the process of assessing costs of agricultural animals used

in research and teaching - i.e. - to assess per diems


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