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Name of Station:   Stine Haskell Research Center- Dupont Crop Protection


Name of Member:    Paul Owen                                           Member Since:  2013


Address:  SHRC  1090 Elkton Road   Newark  DE 19711


Business Phone #:302-275-4830                                 FAX #: 


Home Phone #: 302-300-7931                              E-Mail Address:


Station Census:  600+ on site, about 80 biologists use the farm for research       Number of Staff:  1 full time, some biologists provide temporary help


Number of Acres Involved in Research:   114 tillable               Total Number of Acres: 250


Square Footage in Greenhouse:  84,000 on site


Livestock:  None


Research: Focus is on the discovery of new, as well as development of existing, crop protection products in insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, and nematicide areas. Crops typically grown include corn, soybeans, small grains, fruiting vegetables, cotton, tobacco, potatoes, 8 acres of orchards (apple), and some weed seed production. Corn breeding and soybean research is done by Pioneer associates.


Pertinent Information: In ground irrigation risers can supply 95% of research plots. Two walking linear irrigation units, overhead guns, sprinklers, but no drip irrigation. Water supply is from City of Newark. Clay loam soils, poorly drained. All buildings on site are in Delaware, but farm lands are in Maryland. Five granite  Mason-Dixon markers are on site.



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Last Updated   2/14/2013