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Station Report


Name of Station: University of Connecticut

Beef, Sheep and Swine Teaching and Research Farms

Name of Member: Martin Praisner, Jr.     Member Since: 1999

Address: 3636 Horsebarn Hill Road

University of Connecticut

Box U40

Storrs, CT 06269-4040

Business Phone #: (860)486-2035 FAX #: (860)486-4375

Home Phone #: (860)376-5088 E-Mail Address:

Station Census: Number of Staff: 3 full time, 10 students

Number of Acres Involved in Research: Total Number of Acres: 200

Livestock: 40 Pure-bred Angus, 40 Hereford, 50 Dorset, Shropshire, Southdown ewes, 50 biotech hogs


50 transgenic hogs, reproductive and growth experiments with cattle and sheep

Pertinent Information:

Rotational grazing, OPU on cattle, pure-bred cattle showing and breeding, interested in carcass composting of cattle, hogs and sheep.


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