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Name of Station: Northern Piedmont Agricultural Research and Extension Center/ Virginia Tech

Name of Member: Dave Starner         RETIRED                     Member Since: 1984

Address: P.O. Box 448
14471 Research Road
Orange, VA 22960

Business Phone #: (540) 672-2660     FAX #: (540) 672-5161

Home Phone #: (540) 672-1191         E-Mail Address:

Station Census:         Number of Staff: 3 full time

Number of Acres Involved in Research: 22 Total Number of Acres: 47

Project leaders come from main campus and larger centers. Row crops, forage crops, varieties and management, soil management and amendments.

Pertinent Information:
        Web site:  

Projects include:

Soil Pollution, Poultry and Livestock Manure, Biosolids, Soil Water Management, Soil Erosion, Root Growth in Acid Soils, Residual Nitrogen, Soil Fertility, Liming, Urban and Industrial related soil questions.

Crops tested include:

Cool and warm season forage grasses, Alfalfa, Hybrid corn, Wheat, Barley, Soybeans, Canola, Alternative or new crops, Lupin, Cover crops, Highway roadside beautification, and Crops with fuel potential.


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Last Updated 2/20/2011