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Name of Station:  VA Tech Kentland Farm


Name of Member:     Jon Wooge                                            Member Since: 


Address:  5250 Whitethorne Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060

Business Phone #:   540-731-0589                                                FAX #:  540-731-4941


Home Phone #:  540-239-3135                                                    E-Mail Address:


Station Census:                                                       Number of Staff:  4 full time, 3-4 part time


Number of Acres Involved in Research:    1000 (including pasture)                       Total Number of Acres:  1700


Square Footage in Greenhouse: 


Livestock:  beef cattle


Research: fruit, vegetables, field crops, forages, beef cattle. Research includes crop production, entomology, plant pathology, field crop plant breeding, numerous ag and non ag related engineering projects.


Pertinent Information: 


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Last Updated   2/14/2013